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 So there are 3 months left to 2011.  Have you achieved your weight loss and fitness goals? Perhaps you got a little lazy with the relaxed days of summer and gotten off track. Maybe you made a New Year’s resolution to loose weight and get fit that’s fizzled. And maybe you keep putting off and procrastinating with your weight loss efforts. Really, who has time anyway?

The good news is getting back on track is easier than you might think. With 3 months left, there is still – 
  • Time to get in shape before the New Year 
  • Time to look hot for holiday gatherings around the corner 
  • Time to achieve the fitness goals you set this year 
  • Time to get ready for fall fashion – hello leggings, skinny jeans, sexy sweater dresses
Getting off track unfortunately is easy. Getting back on track doesn’t have to take the planets aligning just right either! You don’t need to commit hours and hours a day, join a gym, or by a ton of bulky and expensive equipment. You just need 30 minutes a day and a plan. 
I’ve put together a series of easy to follow workouts designed to get you get back on track, staying on track, & getting the results you’re after –
 So here’s the skinny –


What’s Included:  





Option1: 9 weeks of Cardio & Strength Workouts $47 


    • These 30 minute workouts are designed to sculpt and shape you in all the right places
    • You can do these from the comfort of your own home if you prefer
    • They don’t require expensive equipment
    • The workouts change every 3 weeks to keep your muscles challenged so you see results faster and avoid hitting a plateau. Plus, this keeps you from getting board – not cool!
    • You’ll receive an outline of the workouts for each of the 3 rounds listing the moves
    • A workout log is included so you can track your results and progress
    • You’ll also receive a demo video where I explain proper form for the exercises so you know how to do them correctly. I also explain ways to modify the moves, or add intensity so you can customize the workouts for your current fitness level  

  • BONUS!
     Motivation Guide – This guide is filled with several easy to follow and supper effective motivation strategies. Staying motivated is essential to staying on track and pushing forward.
    – Interval Cardio Sampler Pack – 4 additional 30 minute or less fun interval cardio workouts to add as options during the next 9 weeks. These will make the time fly by, burn calories, & you’ll break a sweat!

Option2 – Workouts, bonuses Plus tools $57
Tools Rule!  Here’s a chance to add several tools I have created and use personally to stay on track.
·         Food Log – 70% + of our weight loss results comes directly from the food choices we make. Getting my food intake under control has made the largest difference in my fat loss and fitness efforts. This easy to use food log will help you see really what you are (or are not) eating.
·         Simple Steps to Conquer Healthy Eating Report – These simple steps will get you on the road to healthy eating.
·         Food Planning Chart –This food planning chart makes it super simple to keep you meal options organized.
·         Fast Track to Getting Back on Track guide – This guide is filled with 25 tips to help get you back on track quickly. Set yourself up for fast fat loss.



Option 3 – Workouts, bonuses, tools plus Extra Guidance $157

·         Want me by your side? As your coach I’m here to help accelerate your efforts, keep you accountable, and staying on track. 
·         Together we’ll have 4  20 minute phone strategy calls – 1 initial assessment plus 3 follow up coaching sessions.
Wondering if this will work for you? 
  • This workout plan has helped me take 2”off of each thigh, 2” off of my booty, 4.5” off of my waist, loose 10 pesky pounds that would not budge otherwise.
  • I shared these workouts with a select group of ladies who also saw great results. They all lost inches and weight.
·         Elizabeth got in shape for her sisters wedding
·         With some diet & exercise changes, Haley dropped a size and lost 15 lbs.
·         Jackie found the motivation to get back on track and stick with her exercising efforts
If you are ready to get back on track, loose those pesky pounds, and tone your body, I urge you to check out my Fall Back into Fitness Program for Busy Women. It has worked for me, worked for other women, and I look forward to guiding you through the process & seeing your results too!
These workouts are designed to be effective, help you get back on track, and I stand behind them. Try them out for the first three weeks. If you’re not satisfied, simply let me know and I’ll gladly honor a 100% refund.





Brooke Schlenker helps busy womensquash the common excuse that they don’t have time to exercise.Sharing ideas, tips, and workouts she helps women look and feel better, stay motivated, and fit exercise into their already busy lives.

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FREE do at home workout designed for busy women
Learn how to burn more calories in less time
Get tips, specials, and workouts delivered right to your inbox


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