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Brooke Schlenker Hi there, my name is Brooke and welcome to BusyFitWomen.com  I have created this site in an effort to share with other busy women information and tips I have found helpful as I strive to live a fit and healthy life. Years ago I found myself spending hours a week at the gym bouncing from classes, machines, free weights, and the cardio room, but never really achieving the results I wanted.  Then I moved to a small town which had a tiny one room, three machine gym.  Not what I was used to and I was forced to redefine my workouts.  That’s when I discovered a way to work out from home, get better results, and in less time, than what I previously was doing.  So in the time it used to take me to get ready, drive to the gym, find a place to park, check in, and get to where I was going; I can now get a full body work out completed from the comfort of my home.  Since then, no turning back. If you’re like me and find yourself living a busy life between family life, work life, social life, church and volunteering…. chances are you’ll find the systems and methods I use to stay fit helpful. Lets face it, getting noticed and turning heads feels good.  I’d rather have a sexy, defined, and toned body rather than a squishy, cottage cheese, dimply one!  Not to mention the stress reduction, mental clarity, and health benefits exercising and living a healthy lifestyle offer as well!

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